♤Traveling♠ Montréal! Cardinal (tea room)


5326, boul. Saint-Laurent (coin Maguire), Montréal, Canada

This. Place. Is. Great.

My friend was going to take me there for brunch before I left for my holiday; however, the cafe was closed only left for tea room. So there we went.

There’re two parts for Cardinal. The downstairs is the “cafe”, where you eat brunch. And there’s an upstairs, the one I’ve gone with my friend, a tea room. The price is quite cheap, food is very good and fresh, but they only open for a very short time. On Friday and Weekend only, closing at 7 p.m.

However, this place is a bit hard to find as well as get there. My friend and I almost got lost even we got a GPS on our phone. But that might be just us…

When you get off the metro you will need quite a walk. The sign and door are both very inconspicuous.


The little bird sign on the top left is the sign for this cafe.


Inside of the tea room.


We ordered a pot of orange pekoe tea and a plate (forgot the name), everything tasted amazing and very fresh.


And alsooo sausage rolls and Cardinal cake, which they told me is actually bread pudding. All tasted very, very good. The two of us, who didn’t eat anything until 3 p.m. that day, got very full from these.

Beautiful waitress with beautiful smile. Sunshine and vintage. Cute tableware. Good friend. And amazing food!

On a weekend afternoon.

THAT is life.

Oh look they have better photos here (both about the tea room and in french):



(These are not my websites. Only found them online.)


14 thoughts on “♤Traveling♠ Montréal! Cardinal (tea room)

      • I live about 45 minutes outside Montreal so whenever I have to go into town, I can never remember a place to go to. This can be on my list!

      • Yeahh!! I will keep posting some other places later so you can try all of them 😉 This is a reminder for myself as well actually. I have very bad memories…

      • Do you live in Montreal? I can probably trade places to go with you. I grew up there. i was actually planning on starting to post about a few of the places around here. Fabulous food!

      • OMG YESSSSSSS PLEASE DO. I live in downtown (guy concordia) though now I’m on vacation (be back in four months). I always go to the same places and it becomes boring really fast… I live in Montreal for about 3 years, but there’re still lots of places I haven’t gone. YES PLEASE I WILL GO ANYWHERE WITH GOOD FOOD.

      • LOL, I used to live on Guy and Dr. Penfield! As you know Montreal is all about food. So its more about what you feel like eating. Prime Rib, Magnon’s Tavern. Bagels, Fairmont Bagel. Jewish deli, The Brown Derby. Vietnamese soup kitchen, Roti etc I could go on but you already know. I live in Bromont now and there are a ton of fabulous restaurants. My local favorite is The Chocolate Museum. It actually has a museum dedicated to chocolate! The restaurant part serves the best eggs Benedict I’ve ever had. Not to mention everything chocolate. I’ll follow you so we can keep in touch..

      • no wayyyy I didn’t know there’s a chocolate museum!!! Okay now I’m so going to stalk your blog. My favorite is a small cafe at atwater,on the ground floor of the cinema. Best strawberry shortcake everrr. I basically took everyone I know there since I found out this place haha.

      • Well my blog is about my cats, but tomorrow I’m launching another blog about the Eastern Townships titled Back Home in Bromont. My first post will be the Museum. So fellow food fan, we have a plan. When you get back we can play dueling restaurants! 😉

      • Spam poutine! A must try! Just to say you’ve survived it. Truck stop near the Mercier Bridge. 🙂

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